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Made In Ullapool

About us and who we are

- A Social Enterprise -

Made in Ullapool is a social enterprise that aims to support vulnerable adults in a work environment, offering work and training opportunities to people who have a range of disabilities. At Made in Ullapool people have the chance to develop new skills at an individual pace in a safe nonjudgmental setting.

The Project idea came about in May 2010, it started in Tony, Lesley and Estherís kitchen, nearly four years on and we have our own refurbished premises thanks to the help of numerous individuals and businesses in and around Ullapool. You can find us at the Cal Mac car park opposite Ullapool Harbour Ė who have helped and supported us from the beginning. The shop and work shop are open 10am to 5pm, six days a week, and is manned by volunteers. The whole enterprise is a nonprofit making project, which relies solely on the goodwill of the voluntary sector, sales, and any grants and donations we receive.

We currently hold candle and card making workshops on weekdays, we have fifteen trainee volunteers who attend workshops and participate in all aspects of the production and selling of the candles and cards. We have very close ties with Ullapool high school, and Pupils from the learning support department have the opportunity to be involved in the project, which provides support in the transition from school to a work environment.

As well as the shop we also attend events, sales and markets in other areas of the Highlands Ė in 2011 we were awarded the Best in Show award for our stand at the Black Isle Show!

Our Mission

It is our aim to give vulnerable adults the opportunity to fufill their individual potential and goals in a supported work environment within their local community.

Volunteers & Trainees

Tony Bennett - Workshop leader -

Tony is a founder of Made In Ullapool, his background in art, and his ability to turn his hand to anything has been an amazing asset to the project, he built all our display units when we moved in, and is the ongoing handy man. Tony runs regular workshops, and is involved in taking the project forward.

Lesley Bennett - Workshop Leader -

Lesley is a founder member of Made In Ullapool, driven by the lack of local resources in the area for people with support needs, she has been committed from the start, helping to find a product that was safe and fun to produce that customers would want to buy. She is still involved today running some of the workshops for the trainee volunteers.


Esther was a founder member of Made in Ullapool, and the inspiration to her parents to get the project off the ground. Esther believed that everyone should have the opportunity to grow and learn in a supported environment, she has taught us all that Made in Ullapool is not just for people with a disability. At stages in our life we all need supporting and thatís what we do at MIU. Esther lost her fight for life in November 2013 and her legacy is a thriving resource that everyone can be part of.

Fiona Macleod-Chiarini  

My brother Ewan and I run candle making workshops on Monday and Wednesday mornings, he is very good at delegating and I do as Iím told! One of my favourite things about Made in Ullapool is that it is somewhere that we can go together and are both as equally welcomed and involved as each other. It also gives me the confidence to be creative.


I like coming to Made in Ullapool to see my friends, my favourite job is pouring the hot wax into the candle moulds. I also like taking them out of the moulds once they have set. I like swimming, seeing friends and going to the Wednesday Club


I like listening to music, dancing and swimming. At the candle shop I always make sure that everyone has an apron, I like pouring the candles and serving customers on the till.


Laura comes to Made in Ullapool workshops with the High school once a week, she likes it so much that she comes during the school holidays too.

Angie díAgostino  

Angie joined Made In Ullapool at a time when we were going from craft based resource, with aspirations of becoming a well-run business, Angie took us to her heart and has taken on all the financial and administrative aspects of the business and knocked it into shape, everyone depends on her organisational skills for the day to day running of the business.


My name is Liz. I have been at the Candle shop since the outset as a volunteer. Talking to the other helpers, they are all of the same opinion- that there is a lovely ambience about the place, and they love doing it. My main job is serving the customers, and listening to the interesting stories they have to tell. Many are visitors to Ullapool, and I like to think that that they leave determined to return. There are many small jobs around to do; making sure there are enough candles on the shelves, trying to tidy up after the Trainees have had a workshop. I sometimes think what fun they must of had to create such a mess.

Jo Scott

I'm Jo Scott and I volunteer for shop sitting duties at Made in Ullapool when I am available. The main job is to serve customers so that means operating the till. Yes, I've had my moments with the till, especially if I've had a gap between sessions in the shop but the more experienced staff are very helpful! In the quieter moments, there is always dusting and re-stocking the shelves to be done and sometimes there are candles to be labelled and priced etc. I thoroughly enjoy being in the shop: apart from working with lovely products, the layout is always so pleasing - there are changes to the special displays throughout the year - and it is very satisfying to hear such positive comments from the customers.


I come in to Made in Ullapool on a Monday morning. I have been coming about a year now. It is relaxing and creative and I enjoy the people contact and the structure it brings to my week."

Chris Brotherston

I'm one of many volunteers at the Made in Ullapool shop and very much enjoy being involved in this social enterprise.

This is by no means everybody thatís involved with Made in Ullapool, there are many more who give their time so generously to help out in all sorts of different ways and we are all incredibly grateful to each and every one of them who continue to make Made in Ullapool what it is today.